Greece in a Time of Change
 – Hosting Conversations in Crisis, December 2011

Greece in a Time of Change
 – Hosting Conversations in Crisis, December 2011

Ποια είναι η Ελλάδα που Ονειρευόμαστε;

What is the Greece that we are dreaming of?
Transformating Possibilities for the Present & the Future.

The Systemic Innovation Zone- Hellas, in partnership with the Hellenic Society for Organisational Learning (SoL Hellas) invites you to a pioneering event that is going to take place on Saturday, 17th of December 2011 at Hilton Athens Hotel in the context of Money Show Forum. The innovation of this conference is focused on the use of the World Cafe & Open Space methodologies, which allow us to trace and create conditions for the emergence of collective intelligence of the whole of the participants. For the first time in Greece, the “experts” will not be in a specific panel but in the whole group of the citizens that are taking part in the event: We are all “experts” and we contribute to the collective wisdom for catalysing solutions  through our  own knowledge!

We invite every active citizen to participate in this event by contributing his/her personal knowledge, stories and view about this crucial question, the opportunities and challenges of the Crisis that lead to Collective Action for the Transformation Possibilities of Greece.

With the use of interactive and experiential dialogue processes
we are going to work on the following questions:

~What do we dream possible for our country?
~ If we would wake up now and we would magically be in the ideal Greek society, what would we see around us? How would everyday life and institutions be?
~ What do we want to keep, which are our unique, positive traits that we want to strengthen and enhance?
~What do we want to become, what do we want to be?
~How can each of us and together contribute to the development, personal and collective and to the wide transformation of our country

The event and conversations will be hosted by Maria Scordialou, Maria Bakari, Vanessa Reid, Sarah Whiteley, Anthi Theiopoulou & Odysseas Velentzas.

10.00 – 10.15  Opening ~ Framing
10.15 – 12.45 World Cafe
12.45 – 13. 30 Break
13.30 – 16.00 Open Space
16.00 – 16.10 Completion ~ Closing

This is a free event. Due to the fact that places are limited they will be booked on a “first come, first served” basis. Please register by sending a message with your name and the indication “Conference” to the email:
For any additional enquiries, please free to contact Maria Bakari on (+30) 6937107443.

The methodologies of World Cafe & Open Space have been developed in the framework of research through the multi~disciplinary exploration of Organisational Learning and they are used in the last 20 years by plenty of organisations so that useful conclusions are drawn in critical issues where the existing knowledge of all involved is a defining factor.

We can be wise only together.”
~ Margaret Wheatley