When Nature Calls – the Art of Participatory Leadership at Axladitsa August 2014

Come and join us from 28- 31st of August for our next Art of Participatory Leadership training. Living systems exist everywhere in nature. From the smallest living organisms to the largest mammals, life is organized in interrelated-interdependent colonies, nests, packs, herds etc. In nature, change is constant and occurs through self-organization and emergence. We believe that nowadays our societies, organizations and institutions are at the point of fundamental change. However we humans tend to seek for change in a mechanistic and controlling approach rather than work through emergence and self-organization. As a result we tend to struggle in the same loop while only dynamic changes occur. This 4-day training invites you to come to Axladitsa, a 24-acre organic olive farm in the Pelion Peninsula in Greece to explore together, with people and with our natural environment the question:

How can nature teach us to create communities, work and initiatives that are based on self-organisation by enhancing our understanding of how living systems behave?

On this 4-day training we will learn participatory leadership techniques and mental models as a way to work in self-organising patterns and we will explore and be inspired by nature’s patterns. In addition we will focus on how we can bring these patterns to our everyday lives, our institutions, our work, social movements and our organizational structures. We will be informed by Axladitsa’s nature itself. We will live with the rhythms of the land, the weather, the creatures here, as well as with our rhythms of the day which will include homemade meals, fresh from the garden. The land of Axladitsa holds many stories, ancient wisdom and practices -these will also be our teachers. This training is held by Stewards and Practitioners of the Art of Hosting Network, and is offered by Living Wholeness Institute and Process Makers who together are working on social change initiatives in Greece, Europe and the World. Come and join us in creating a powerful “parea” from 28th August to 31st of August at Axladitsa. *Parea: (Gr.) A Parea in Greek culture is a group of friends who regularly gather together to share their experiences about life, their philosophies, values and ideas. The Parea is really a venue for the growth of the human spirit, the development of friendships and the exploration of ideas to enrich our quality of life that is all too brief in time. In Greece, the Parea is a long-lasting circle and cycle of life nourished by the people who participate. photo by Vanessa Reid


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