What we do

We believe that systemic change occurs when we participate in leading our own lives, by digging to our roots, discovering our hidden treasures and collectively finding our own ways forward. We see the act of being systemic – changing ourselves from the inside out by learning together – as fundamental to creating new forms of living that serve our families, communities, and a greater whole.

By creating the conditions for young leaders, families, citizens, innovators and elders to weave edgy new ideas and ancient wisdom, the SIZ offers us all a way of being systemic and, in the process, transforming the way we are living and working.

At the core of the SIZ is the belief that practicing more collective, participatory approaches create the conditions for new collaborative cultures and intelligence to be illuminated and amplified. Central to this is to bring our full selves, our deepest longings, our creativity and a sense of play and wonder.

The SIZ aims to:

  • Illuminate the emerging stories of systemic innovation
  • Incubate new ideas so they become realities
  • Support and nurture emerging leaders and innovators
  • Create a diversity of learning and conversation spaces, e.g. Art of Participatory Leadership trainings, innovation and design workshops, learning journeys, cafe conversations, urban play and creativity
  • Build an active and engaged Community of Practitioners
  • Respond to invitations to speak, write and consult on what we are learning in the Greek context to scale it out.

Find out more about our activities and offerings by clicking on these links:



TRAININGS AND WORKSHOPS / The Art of Participatory Leadership




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