Leading Initiatives

The SIZhellas team is leading on several initiatives across Greece:


A living arts centre and 24-acre organic olive farm in Pelion, Greece. It is prototyping the new ways of living and learning and working that tap into the rich resources of this land and its people – skills, services, care, hospitality, learning and other forms of value that are generated between us as citizens who care. We are re-claiming the word “economy” to its original meaning of oikos and onomy which refers to how we manage our own homes. This is the homeplace of the Living Wholeness Institute which hosts many local and translocal gatherings ~ and a lot of life.

For more on the Living Wholeness Institute: www.the-lwi.org. To discover Axladitsa click here.


The SIZ team is building a longer term learning programme for civil society innovators (citizens, groups, organizations, families, institutions, networks) to build their individual and collective capacity to host and convene the big changes in our society. Stay tuned for more on our Community of Practice and much more!


A radio programme initiated and hosted by SIZ co-founder Maria Bakari that captures the many stories of this time of transition and potential. “Radiatating hope and trust to the emerging new. Amplifying our collective capacity to break through from break down… A show that flows from Rhodes to Greece and the rest of the World.”

For more on the radio show, see the website.


Maria Scordialos speaks at the Trailblaze ~On Dying Systems and the New in Greece.

Activist. Systems Theorist. Pattern Recogniser. Maria is co-founder of The Living Wholeness Institute based in Axladitsa Avatakia, a farm and home that hosts immersion learning in Pelion, Greece. She is also co-initiator of the Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations, a practice that invites people to create new collective intelligence through generative dialogue. Maria is passionate about citizen led democracy where people can be part of crafting their own lives by living their soul’s purpose.


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