Trainings & Workshops

The Art of Participatory Leadership Trainings (AoPL).

In partnership with The Living Wholeness Institute and stewards of the Art of Hosting, we create 3- or 4-day gatherings for leaders, innovators and citizens of all ages who are initiating (or wanting to initiate) new approaches to creating our collective economy and future. These gatherings bring us more deeply into our own calling, create networks of support and partnership, and offer a lived experience of collaborative and participatory processes that we can work with to lead changes within our own selves as leaders, and how we approach our lives and work in a participatory way.

For more on What is Art of Participatory Leadership click HERE.

NEXT: AoPL Athens, April 17-20 2015

Pop-up World Cafe at Axladitsa

Pop-up World Cafe at Axladitsa, AoPL 2014

OUR AoPL TRAININGS AND GATHERINGS in GREECE /click to see the beautiful invitations!

AoPL Axladitsa – August 2014:

How can nature teach us to create communities, work and initiatives that are based on self-organisation by enhancing our understanding of how living systems behave?

AoPL Athens – January 2014:

How do we ‘dance’ and work with the paradoxes of being collaborative leaders on the edge of systemic, personal, collective transformation? How do we support ourselves and others in building healthy, constructive partnerships that can enable moving forward when the ground trembles?

AoPL Athens – April 2013:

How do we realize our ideas of new forms of living and working through participatory processes in order to turn crisis into potential?

AoPL Rhodes – November 2012:

What if Greece is the key to turning the page from crisis to potential, as a beacon of Participatory Leadership for all of Europe and the World? What are the new forms of living, working and organising that we can prototype to create the future we want to live now?


Watch and listen to hear about the impact of coming together at a time of crisis into collective learning (Egypt)

Egypt, 2011: Video about the Art of Hosting in Egypt & transforming social protest

Israel: September 2014

Bulgaria, 2013 & 2014:  Art of Hosting Bulgaria invitation & website






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