Why a SIZ

Greece is the seedbed of systemic innovation in Europe.

And while the mainstream news highlights deterioration and despair in Greece as economic and governance systems collapse, there is another story that is emerging. Citizens are participating in their lives in fundamentally new ways – out of necessity, and also from a deep breath of inspiration.

‘Crisis‘ in Greek means “taking a position” on a situation or issue. We are seeing extraordinary acts of courage and innovation by ordinary citizens, everywhere. They are taking a stand, and re-positioning this crisis as potential. We know that at the edges of breakdowns come breakthroughs – the crack where the light comes through. And so a small group of Greeks and Internationals have co-initiated the SIZ: the Systemic Innovation Zone.

This is our invitation to you ~ participate in this conversation, join us, share what you are doing in your community, make the links, take a stand, become systemic and join the movement(s)!

The SIZ is a learning space on participation, collaboration, and systemic change where citizens come together to build a collective future. It contains two core branches which you are welcome to join:

  • Trainings where people can learn the Art of Participatory Leadership and other complementary practices, approaches and methodologies for collaborative leadership, e.g. Art of Harvesting, Graphic Facilitation, Art of Protection, etc.
  • A Community of Practice where people who have undergone the initial four-day training can meet, continue to practice & learn, co-create projects and co-work through different practice grounds – and gain courage together!

Through this we are composing a new practice ground of civil society innovation, and through this, a new narrative. Join us!

For more about the SIZ click here.


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